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Victoria West children's play park goes back to nature

A natural play park, similar to one recently completed at Eagle View Elementary School in View Royal (pictured), is coming soon to Victoria West Elementary School in the City of Victoria's Victoria West neighbourhood. The play park will introduce children to the local environment by utilizing installations of natural items and plants local to the west coast.  Greater Victoria School District

Victoria West children's play park goes back to nature
By late summer Victoria West Elementary School in Victoria’s rapidly growing Victoria West neighbourhood will showcase a natural take on playground equipment for children, Citified has learned.
The Greater Victoria School District has announced plans to build a new take on play spaces that combines nature and learning at the Front Street campus.
Following a similar undertaking at View Royal’s Eagle View Elementary School which opened last June, the new playground will encourage students to “interact with the natural setting to foster creativity and expand their knowledge about the environment.”
As per View Royal’s natural playground, the Victoria West project will incorporate a design that combines “teaching and play areas surrounded by natural materials, including sand pits, indigenous plants from the west coast, locally sourced tree stumps and boulders.”
The value of the View Royal project was $148,000. Funding was generated through fundraising drives and donations from local agencies, businesses and the municipal government.
Although the school district has not identified a budget for Victoria West’s playground, the cost is expected to be similar to that at Eagle View.
Construction is now underway with expected completion this September. C
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