Citified is the most comprehensive resource for researching a new-build home or commercial space in metro Victoria and southern Vancouver Island.
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About Citified

Every person has a place. Every place has a story. And now, every story lives on Citified -- Victoria's only comprehensive new-build home and commercial real-estate resource for over 30,000 consumers and professionals every month.

Citified for consumers: make informed buying, renting or leasing decisions

If you're looking to buy or rent a new-build home or lease a new-build commercial space, access to information is critical. Only Citified empowers consumers with professionally maintained listings for every condo, rental, townhome, subdivision, office and commercial real-estate development planned, under construction and newly completed throughout metropolitan Victoria. And only Citified maintains real-time development data, news articles and project tracking technology.

Citified for professionals: gain insight from relevant data and valuable information

Citified is a tool for decision makers who rely on up-to-date, relevant and timely real-estate information. As a real-estate professional, staying on top of local real-estate and industry trends is essential. Only Citified provides you with market reference data and relevant news articles to keep you informed. And Only Citified has the complete database of condo, rental, townhome, subdivision, office and commercial developments throughout all phases of the development life cycle.

Citified Plus for marketers: reach motivated consumers and industry professionals

In real-estate, location is everything, and Citified is prime space. Learn how to promote your development projects, business services and products with Citified Plus, Citified's highly targeted no-spill marketing platform.

Who is Citified

Citified is published by Victoria, BC-based Citified Media Inc., a leader in living data and resources for vibrant cities.