Citified is the most comprehensive resource for researching a new-build home or commercial space in metro Victoria and southern Vancouver Island.
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Information for Developers

Citified makes it easy to manage your project data and promote your project to our audience.

Here's how:

Start by registering a free developer account. Once registered, we'll confirm your identity and connect your account with your projects providing you with the ability to keep your data current. Once data is updated, anyone who tracks your project in their account will receive an email notice.

You also have the ability to track competing projects. Simply click on the '  ' icon in the top-left corner of any project's profile image to add it to your account for tracking. When project data is updated, you'll receive an email informing you of the update.

Citified Plus is the marketing component of Citified. For developers it all starts with a Citified Plus project profile that augments your free profile with over 30 additional data fields and features. With a Citified Plus project profile you also have the opportunity to benefit from exclusive promotional tools through Citified Plus. Learn more about Citified Plus for Developers.