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Citified Plus for Advertisers

Marketing your business, service or product on Citified is amazingly powerful. In fact, you'll have complete control over time and space as you deliver your message to our audience of 30,000 to 60,000 monthly consumers and real-estate professionals. Watch our video to learn how. Then review Citified's marketing opportunities below. When you're ready to utilize Citified's powerful technology for your business, contact us.

Note: if you are a project developer or marketer and wish to promote your project on Citified, please see Citified Plus for Developers.

Citified's visitors are many and varied, but they have one thing in common: they are all actively engaged in new-build construction - whether as consumers searching for new-build homes or commercial properties, or as real-estate professionals using Citified to stay informed.

Without question, Citified is the most customizable, affordable and effective online marketing tool to reach consumers and professionals engaged in the local new-build development and real-estate industry. And we make it easy for your business to make an impact on our audience. So let's get started.

 300x250 or 300x600 pixel advertisement

300x250 or 300x600 pixel advertisement boxes appear throughout Citified and each represents a high exposure opportunity. Positioned along the right-hand column, between data on Citified's lists and at other strategic locations, your 300x250 of 300x600 pixel ad will circulate throughout every placement, all day, for the duration of your campaign. This means every advertiser gets the same ratio of exposure all day, every day. Multi-month campaigns may be eligible for exposure on VibrantVictoria, Citified's community discussion partner.

300x250 pixel advertisement

300x250 and 300x600 pixel advertisement rates

 300x250: $375 per month, for up to five months
 300x250: $325 per month for six months or more

 300x250: $600 per month for up to five months with a combo package on VibrantVictoria
 300x250: $550 per month for six months or more with a combo package on VibrantVictoria

 300x600 (large box): $525 per month, for up to five months
 300x600 (large box): $475 per month for six months or more

 300x600 (large box): $750 per month for up to five months with a combo package on VibrantVictoria
 300x600 (large box): $700 per month for six months or more with a combo package on VibrantVictoria

 Company profile and project list

Whether you're an electrical engineer, landscape architect, a window distributor, or are contracted to provide on-site security, if you were involved in the planning and construction of a project, or are involved on an on-going basis with a project, make it known to Citified's audience with your customized company profile and project list.

Your profile will include a self-authored description about your company together with your contact information. Once published, we'll link your profile with affiliated projects on Citified of your choosing and display your business under each project's Companies heading. On your company profile, your affiliated projects will be displayed as a clickable list of accomplishments.

Company profile

List your company

Personalized business profile and project list

 $250 project profile one-time fee (includes your first project database entry)
 $150 one-time fee per affiliated project listing

 Wallpaper advertisement

Grab the attention of every visitor on Citified with a dedicated, 100% exposure wallpaper advertisement. Flanking the left and right side of Citified's content, your advertisement will be prominently displayed site-wide to every visitor, all day, every day, for the duration of your campaign.

Wallpaper advertisement

Wallpaper advertisement rates

 $850 per month for one side
 $1,500 per month for two sides, for up to three months
 $1,250 per month for two sides, for over three months

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