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'Sidewalk view' introduced to Victoria's Google Maps Street View

A new perspective on Victoria's streetscape is now available through Google Maps Street View, where the pedestrian takes charge.  Google

'Sidewalk view' introduced to Victoria's Google Maps Street View
Google Maps' Street View coverage for downtown Victoria just became a whole lot more comprehensive.
Earlier this year Google sent out a human-powered camera, otherwise known as a person walking around with a 360-degree camera, to ‘street view’ downtown Victoria’s sidewalks and storefronts.
Although when selecting a Street View-enabled thoroughfare the platform does not appear to actively differentiate routes photographed from atop the roof of a vehicle and routes photographed with a camera attached to a person, users can click on 'X’s' on sidewalks when moving along in Street View mode to switch between the car and pedestrian realm.
Coverage of downtown Victoria’s sidewalks is not particularly comprehensive at-present and there were inconsistencies when Citified tested the new feature. This is, however, likely to be ironed out as additional imagery is made available.
To check out the new sidewalk side of the Street View platform engage the tool along the 500-block of Johnson Street, in Victoria’s Chinatown on Fisgard Street or on Government Street between Fisgard and View streets.
Google first introduced Street View in Victoria in 2009. Subsequent updates were included in 2012, 2014, 2015 and 2017. C

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