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Province earmarks $13 million for affordable housing in Sooke and Langford

An artist's rendering of Pacifica Housing's Oak Park affordable housing development currently underway along the 600-block of Goldstream Avenue in Langford. The 73-unit complex is one of two West Shore affordable housing projects the provincial government is assisting with capital funding.  Pacifica Housing

Province earmarks $13 million for affordable housing in Sooke and Langford

The provincial government has earmarked just under $13 million to assist with funding 115-units of affordable housing in Sooke and Langford on Victoria's West Shore.

$7.5 million will be directed at Pacifica Housing's Oak Park development along the 600-block of Goldstream Avenue in Langford. The 73-unit project has been under way since last year with completion slated for late 2018. The building will consist of a mix of studio, one, two, three and four-bedroom homes with rents ranging from $800 to $1,700 per month.

“We are excited to be building more affordable family housing in Langford," says Pacifica Housing's executive director Dean Fortin. "It’s a part of the capital that is growing quickly, and we’re there to make sure that people who work in the community can also live in the community.”

The Knox Vision Society's plan for a 42-unit affordable housing project along Church Road in Sooke will receive a funding boost of $5.35 million. Dubbed Knox Centre, the building's one, two and three-bedroom units will be offered for rents ranging between $875 and $1,300 when the facility opens next year.

“With the assistance of BC Housing, Knox Centre will proceed with our vision, providing affordable rental housing for our community within the town centre of Sooke," said Eleanor Shambrook, Knox Vision Society's chair.

Speaking to the merits of projects, Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing Selina Robinson said “Greater Victoria is a rapidly expanding region, and there is great need for more housing to support that growth. Our government is working to make life more affordable for people in British Columbia, and in these two growing communities that means making sure they have access to housing that meets their needs and gives them a safe and secure place to raise their families.”

The funding commitment comes on the heels of an announcement by the City of Victoria, School District #61 and Pacifica Housing that excess lands at the Burnside-Gorge neighbourhood's Burnside School will be developed into affordable housing while the school itself will be seismically upgraded and refurbished. The provincial government is expected to be a funding partner for that initiative. C


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