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No second Costco for Capital Region …yet

Costco has its eyes set on the Capital Region as it looks to expand its presence on Vancouver Island. That's a fact. But what isn't, at least for now, is a plan for a second Victoria store along Keating X Road in Central Saanich.  Dailymail

No second Costco for Capital Region …yet
Updated at 10:10AM, Sept. 9 2017
Recent Costco-themed rumours circulating among Saanich Peninsula residents can be put the rest, according to Central Saanich councillor Carl Jensen.
Following the unraveling of a proposal to build a Costco-anchored shopping centre in the municipality along the Pat Bay Highway near Mt. Newton X Road, there’s been a buzz about town that the retail giant has eyed an alternate location along the Keating X Road commercial corridor.
Despite high hopes from constituents and a lingering sense of promise tied to the failed Jesken Town Centre project, the councillor says Costco still remains off council’s radar.
“Nothing [related to Costco] has come across any council agendas (...) in terms of an official application of any sort,” Jensen wrote on VibrantVictoria. "I have not heard any 'recent' rumours about Costco coming to Keating, honestly it has been some time since I have heard reference to that."
Although the prospect of a Costco somewhere in Central Saanich remains a possibility, the municipality has signalled that the first step towards any such undertaking would be the construction of an interchange connecting to a large shopping centre along the highway. In the event a retailer like Costco were eying Keating X Road, a smooth transition from the Pat Bay to the municipality’s largest industrial area would be a necessity.
And that project, Jensen says, is definitely on his government's radar.
“[A Keating X Road overpass] remains a priority in terms of council and [we follow] up with the [Ministry of Transportation] annually at [the Union of BC Municipalities] during our minister meetings,” Jensen said, adding that Central Saanich has “recently [undertaken] a project looking at helping to produce a business case for the future of Keating” to assess what is possible for the area from a development and infrastructure planning standpoint.
But for now, despite the long lines, despite the congested Millstream Road traffic and the growing demand for a second regional ode to the king of big-box shopping, Langford’s Costco will remain as the sole south Island location. As far as the potential spot for a second location, the money’s still on Central Saanich. C

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