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Here's how many affordable and supportive rental homes completed in 2023 in Greater Victoria

The Dalmatian, a 130-unit affordable housing project completed in 2023 along the 1000-block of Johnson Street at Cook Street in downtown Victoria. The 11-storey highrise is one of numerous government-backed affordable housing developments to reach occupancy last year.

Here's how many affordable and supportive rental homes completed in 2023 in Greater Victoria
Mike Kozakowski,
2023 delivered over 550 permanent affordable rental homes to the Capital Region as below-market rental housing, supportive housing for individuals experiencing or at-risk of homelessness, and housing targeted at Indigenous persons.
Citified’s development tracking shows five of BC Housing’s six modular supportive housing projects announced in 2021 reached occupancy in 2023, totalling 221 units of housing across three projects in the City of Victoria (1176 Yates Street, 1053 Meares Street and 865 Catherine Street, totalling 118 homes) and one each in Saanich (52 units) and Central Saanich (39 units). Among them, Kwum Kwum Lelum, a four-storey, 45-unit building at 865 Catherine Street in Victoria’s Vic West neighbourhood, provides supportive housing for Indigenous people. The sixth and final modular BC Housing project announced in 2021 is underway at 953 Balmoral Road in Victoria and is expected to reach occupancy in 2024.
Below-market rental apartments totalled 342 units, or just over 60% of all government-built or post-completion social housing-operated affordable housing to come online on the south Island last year.
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This includes 130 suites in The Dalmatian, an 11-storey highrise on Johnson Street at Cook Street in downtown Victoria, and 58 units at The Oaks, a four-storey apartment completed at Harriett Road’s Chown Place (also within the City of Victoria).
In Sooke, 75 units were completed at 2170 Charters Road, with priority provided to Indigenous people, along with several of the units available at shelter rates for very low income individuals. In Central Saanich, 51 units were completed in a four-storey build along Prosser Road, plus 28-units in a four-storey project on Central Saanich Road for Indigenous persons.
In 2024, meanwhile, additional inventory will come online as multiple projects reach occupancy. The year could see among the largest, if not the largest, infusion of government built and/or post completion government-operated affordable and social housing in Greater Victoria's history as numerous project reach occupancy throughout the Capital Region
Please note, the above figures do not include private market affordable housing units required as part of market housing rental developments throughout the region, which may be available for a set period of time, or at a set discount compared to market rates. When available, the volume of units is typically between 5% and 10% of all unit inventory and is administered by a private housing agency or a project's ownership. C
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