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Esquimalt's Cambie pub calls it quits this Sunday

Esquimalt's Cambie pub, operating along the 800-block of Esquimalt Road for decades, will shut down this Sunday. The pub has served as the municipality's sole place to grab a pint save for the Gorge Point Pub along the Saanich border.  Google

Esquimalt's Cambie pub calls it quits this Sunday
Esquimalt’s last pub along the municipality's main drag will shut its doors this Sunday, October 22.
In business for decades, The Cambie at 856 Esquimalt Road most recently operated as the municipality’s main watering hole (save for the Gorge Point Pub at the Saanich border) after a 2013 fire destroyed the Tudor House Pub on Esquimalt Road at Admirals Road.
Owners of the Tudor House Pub opted to forgo rebuilding the pub and instead constructed a full service liquor store on the former pub’s footprint.
Future plans for the Cambie pub space include an expansion of its existing liquor store and the possibility of a new sit-down restaurant concept.
News of the closure comes on the heels of Citified's reveal of a new restaurant concept from operators of Browns Social House, dubbed Browns Crafthouse, was slated to open in Vic West next year. C

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