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Affordable seniors apartments could rise as first phase of Tri-Way mobile home redev in Langford

The entrance to Tri-Way Mobile Home Park along the 2700-block of Spencer Road in Langford, catering to persons aged 55+ and home to over 100 residents. Redevelopment plans for the property include a Capital Regional District-run seniors housing complex which will serve as a relocation option for seniors living in the park.  Google

Affordable seniors apartments could rise as first phase of Tri-Way mobile home redev in Langford
The first phase of development at Langford’s Tri-Way seniors mobile home park in the 2700-block of Spencer Road could be an affordable seniors complex.
Envisioned with nearly 60 apartments, if approved the Capital Regional District (CRD)-operated project will be situated at the Spencer Road end of the Tri-Way community owned by Tri-Way Development Ltd., which earlier this year announced redevelopment plans for portions of the park currently comprised of some 78 mobile units.
A relocation proposal to assist homeowners and individuals residing at the park with future accommodation was submitted to the City of Langford by the developer that included a mix of mobile home buy-outs, options for residency in an affordable housing project nearing completion immediately across the street from Tri-Way’s entrance, residency within the upcoming seniors facility on Tri-Way land, and in some cases, the opportunity to remain on-site within a retained mobile home component of the land.
However, a parking variance being sought for the seniors home has become a sticking point for a group of Tri-Way residents planning to reside within the seniors' building. 
According to a document filed with the City of Langford and attributed to TriWay [sic] Park Residents, a “minimum of 25 homeowner residents being bought out from Tri-Way Park will seek accommodation in the proposed [CRD] building.” Given the rate of vehicle ownership among the park’s residents, the group believes on-site parking plans – at roughly one stall for every two units – will be inadequate.
“There are currently 78 homes and approximately 106 residents. Only an estimated five homes do not own vehicles. Many homes have two vehicles,” the document states. “It is reasonable to assume that in Tri-Way currently there are 100 vehicles and 106 residents which would make an average ratio of one vehicle/parking space per unit. Tri-Way residents moving into the proposed building are not necessarily invalids nor are they intending to give up the vibrant lifestyle they currently enjoy. They would be moving because they have been evicted as a result of redevelopment.”
Current plans call for 35 parking stalls.
Meanwhile, a portion of Spencer Road’s right-of-way near its terminus at the Trans Canada Highway will be sold to the developer for $35,000. The roughly 3,000 square foot portion of public right-of-way will be added to the Tri-Way lands by way of disposition by the City of Langford. Such dispositions are considered by municipal governments in cases where a portion of public land or a public right-of-way are no longer required.
Tri-Way Development Ltd.’s holdings span approximately 50-acres and include the Tri-Way mobile home park lands between Spencer Road and Leigh Road, as well as a tract north of the Trans Canada Highway abutting Leigh Road. C
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