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Victoria's Furever Clean a Canadian leader in apartment and condo complex pet wash amenities

Victoria-based Furever Clean is a leading provider of customizable pet and dog wash stations for apartment buildings and condominiums. The company can install its stations in existing buildings, or work with development teams to accommodate their line-up of products in planned projects.  Furever Clean

Victoria's Furever Clean a Canadian leader in apartment and condo complex pet wash amenities
Mike Kozakowski,
A Victoria-based company is bringing dog wash and pet care stations to multi-unit housing projects nationwide as the in-building amenity gains traction among pet-friendly buildings.
Furever Clean (see website) has become a staple of the dog care kiosk industry with its dog wash station product line-up offering a wide array of customizable options available to developers planning new projects, strata councils seeking ways to address pet care needs, and rental building operators looking for new perks for their tenants.
“As more people transition from single-family-homes or townhomes with private yards into condominiums and apartments, demand for communal dog wash solutions has steadily increased,” says Evelyn Rutherford, Director at Furever Clean Dog Wash Inc.
“We now have clients accommodating pet stations from the outset of their projects and using the amenity in their marketing campaigns, to strata councils or property management firms exploring ways to introduce dog washes for their residents and build value or passive income for their buildings,” Rutherford continued.
Furever Clean’s dog wash stations can be as simple as a galvanized steel basin with a hose, or more sophisticated self-serve, pay-for-use kiosks able to take payment in cash, debit or credit card and Apple Pay, and with automated product disbursements, a built-in dryer, pet tub disinfectant, and a hair filtration system.
“What makes our solutions so desirable is the ability to meet the expectations of our clients, to provide them with a station design matching needs in their buildings, and to provide the service as a strata amenity or as a pay-for-use kiosk,” Rutherford says, adding that “if we are involved from the planning phase of a new development, we can assist with ensuring the station is situated in the right location within a building, and has the necessary configuration to make maintenance straightforward.”
The company has made inroads in recent years with some of Canada’s largest real-estate development firms that include Westbank, Quadreal, Townline, Beedie, Primex, Ironclad Properties and Anthem Properties. Rutherford is also focused on growing relationships with smaller developers, and working with management at already constructed projects that did not accommodate pet wash stations upon completion.
Ironclad Properties' dog was station prepped for delivery to a new housing development.
Ironclad Properties' pet wash station, supplied by Furever Clean, en-route to a newly completed residential complex.  Furever Clean
For users, the typical fee for Furever Clean’s top-of-the-line machines, known as K9000s, is $12 for 12 minutes, and within that time most dog owners will be able to perform a full wash of their pet, including natural shampoos, conditioner, flea treatment, pet wash and a two-speed blow dry. Rutherford says that, on average, a dog wash and dry is performed within ten minutes.
Pricing for Furever Clean products can range from several thousand dollars for entry level and basic solutions, to over $20,000 for heavy duty K9000 machines targeted at public dog wash centres or large multi-unit buildings. Rutherford says that developers of highrise residential towers or large apartment blocks prefer the heavy duty machines as they can adapt to the needs of current or future residents, and include options for user-pay to cover costs.
Members of the public can experience the simplicity of Furever Clean’s K9000 machines by visiting the Furever Clean Dog Wash Store at 602B Esquimalt Road, open from 6AM through 11PM daily. Additional public stations are available at Sooke’s Suds and Pups at 6733 West Coast Road, the Van Isle Marina in Sidney at 2320 Harbour Road, Mr. Pet’s at Tillicum Centre in Saanich, and in Paws on Cook at 200 Cook Street in Victoria.
K9000s are also situated in Nanaimo, Courtenay, Comox and Port Hardy, and at all Mr. Pet’s locations across Metro Vancouver, including Mission and Abbotsford. Pet wash tubs (K9000s and others) are located across Canada, too, including Atlantic provinces.
To learn more about Furever Clean and its product line-up for strata properties or rental buildings, visit the company website here. C
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