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Two Esquimalt houses 'upcycled' for homes at Songhees Nation Reserve

Two homes, at 815 and 825 Selkirk Avenue in Esquimalt, were moved to new locations at the Songhees First Nation as part of an upcycling effort by TLA Developments. A five-storey condominium will eventually rise on the property.  TLA Developments

Two Esquimalt houses 'upcycled' for homes at Songhees Nation Reserve
Press release via TLA Developments
Esquimalt, B.C. – Two single-family residential homes will be upcycled and will continue to be enjoyed by two deserving families from the Songhees Nation. 
The homes at 815 and 825 Selkirk Avenue, Esquimalt were set to be demolished to make way for The Sterling, a 5-storey, 46-unit condo building that will feature 1, 2 and 3 bedroom homes.
TLA Developments staff sought to upcycle as much of the site as possible from the plants, trees, landscaping materials, and even the homes themselves. 
"As a part of our commitment to sustainable building practices, we hosted a 'Take Your Plant Event' during the summer, inviting our neighbouring residents to partake in the opportunity to harvest and rehome the plants and shrubbery from our site. Furthermore, we sought to expand this initiative, exploring the potential to preserve the integrity of two single-family homes, which lead us to discussions with the Songhees Nation," said Mark Hingley, Project Manager, TLA Developments.
After consulting with representatives from the Songhees Nation, it was decided that the homes will be gifted to two Songhees Nation families via a lottery. The homes will be lifted off their foundations and transported by truck during the early morning to their new location on the Songhees Nation Reserve.
“The Songhees Nation is looking forward to providing two of our Member families with new homes, thanks to this donation from TLA Developments. With a housing crisis across the region directly impacting our community, this opportunity to move upcycled homes onto Songhees reserve is a welcome one,” says Ron Sam, Chief. “We look forward to more chances to work with developers like TLA, keeping viable homes out of the landfill and providing families with safe, secure, and long-term housing.” 
"We are honored to partner with the Songhees Nation and contribute to the well-being of their community," said Troy Grant, Managing Partner of TLA Developments. "We are pleased to see these homes repurposed and provide families with safe, secure, and long-term housing. It is just the right thing to do."
"We are pleased these houses will be repurposed reducing landfill waste. Houses of this era are well built and can be great homes," said - Esquimalt Mayor, Barb Desjardins.
"We would like to express our gratitude to the Municipality of Esquimalt, the Songhees Nation, BC Hydro, Telus, and Nickel Bros for making this move possible, as well as extend our appreciation to our neighboring residents for their patience and cooperation. We are dedicated to continuing to work with community partners and stakeholders to create meaningful connections and positive impact within the communities in which we work," said Troy Grant, Managing Partner, TLA Developments.
TLA is working with Nickel Bros Structural Moving, and will be moving the homes to their new location in March 2023. C
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