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Sooke's mixed-use, 98-unit Harbourview proposal goes to public hearing next week

A rendering of Harbourview One, a three-building, mixed-use project envisioned for Sooke Road at Goodmere Road in Sooke's town core.  Seacliff Properties

Sooke's mixed-use, 98-unit Harbourview proposal goes to public hearing next week
Mike Kozakowski,
May 24, 2023 update: Sooke council has approved the project.
Next week Sooke council will hold a public hearing for Seacliff Properties’ proposal to redevelop a vacant portion of the Mariner’s Village property into rental apartments and retail space.

Envisioned for 6569 Sooke Road at Goodmere Road (opposite Church Road) is the first phase of Harbourview, a three-building project that will include 91 rental suites in the form of an eight-storey apartment block called Harbourview One (comprised of 83 one and two-bedroom units, and eight three-bedroom townhomes) on Goodmere Road at a planned extension to Lanark Road, a three-storey mixed-use building with seven strata-titled two-bedroom townhomes and retail space also along the newly extended Lanark Road at Slemko Road, and a one-storey commercial building with frontage along Sooke Road.
The commercial units will be split into a 6,200 square foot one-storey building, which includes a drive-through component, and just over 11,700 square feet in a three-storey building that includes the seven (two-storey) strata-titled townhomes.
Site plan.
A site plan depicts the layout of Harbourview One's buildings. The eight-storey rental block is situated at-centre, bottom, on Goodmere Road at Lanark Road. The one-storey building is at-left along Sooke Road at Goodmere Road, and the three-storey building is at-right, on Lanark Road at Slemko Road.  Seacliff Properties
Parking will be in the form of a parkade for residences totalling 120 stalls, while 52 spaces will be available for commercial purposes.
The density of the Seacliff proposal, combined with the existing Mariner’s Village complex, will total 147 units, with 194 units permitted under the land’s CD7 Mariner’s Village zone. Seacliff may seek additional density for future phases of development, according to the District of Sooke.
The T’sou-ke First Nation, meanwhile, has requested that should approvals be granted and construction commence, that T’sou-ke Nation guardians be on site to monitor building activities due to the “sensitive nature of the area,” in light of an archaeological zone present at the southwest corner of the property.
Seacliff’s plans will create an extension of Lanark Road between Slemko Road and Goodmere Road, allowing motorists and pedestrians to travel Lanark Road between Terrott Street and Goodmere Road.
If approved, Harbourview One will stand as Sooke’s tallest building, as viewed from the ocean at eight storeys (six storeys as viewed from Sooke Road).

Sooke council will hear from the public on the proposal as part of council's May 23 sitting, scheduled for 7PM at the district hall at 2225 Otter Point Road. C
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