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View Street rental proposal could rise with unit count not seen in decades

An artist's rendering of 937 View Street, a 15-storey, 255-unit proposal eyed for a surface parking lot adjacent to the 19-storey View Towers building.  Nelson Investments

View Street rental proposal could rise with unit count not seen in decades
Vancouver-based development firm Nelson Investments has submitted changes to the City of Victoria for its proposal to build a highrise rental complex adjacent to View Towers in downtown Victoria’s Harris Green neighbourhood.
The newly updated design for 937 View Street envisions a 15-storey tower with 255 residences in lieu of an initially planned 14-storey height and 231 homes.
At over 250 apartments, the project will be one of the largest by unit count in Greater Victoria and the densest residential building in the downtown core second only to the 1960s-vintage View Towers (comprised of over 300 homes across its 19 levels). The runner-up would be Mosaic Properties Inc.'s Jukebox condominium with 215 homes.
937 View Street’s initial design featured a multi-storey atrium and a 'beehive' or octagonal motif along the shaft of the tower. This styling has been replaced with a more traditional low-maintenance exterior finish utilizing phenolic laminate panels, composite aluminum panels and pre-finished metals.
A single level of above-ground parking was planned to accommodate 19 vehicles, while the new plan provides space for 17 (two stalls allocated for car-share use).
According to project architect de Hoog Kierulf Architects, the prefabricated structural construction method will yield a more efficient construction process compared to traditional building techniques without compromising seismic integrity or other structural requirements.
Units will be in the form of studios and junior one-bedrooms including several ground-oriented suites instead of an at-grade commercial space planned as part of the previous design.
An outdoor amenity area is planned for the building’s roof in-keeping with similar amenity spaces seen throughout downtown Victoria’s new residential buildings.
Nelson Investment’s property backs onto 930 Fort Street which is eyed for a 12-storey, 62-unit condominium or rental building that received municipal approvals last year.
Both towers, if built, will replace a shared surface parking lot. C

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